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November 13th, 2012 imasan16

Hey everyone!

Sorry I have been a little absent over the past week or two. It has been so busy here on the Hill from academics to activities.  Since the last time I blogged there has been a two day snow day which HC rarely has, not to mention Halloween and Parents weekend.Although Halloween kind of took a back seat to my academics it was still a fun day! Especially when my good friend decides to come into Chemistry PAL dressed up as 2 Chainz (the rapper). It was absolutely hilarious!  There was  also the last home football game against Lehigh which we were so close to winning! It was thrilling to watch such a game!  As the football season ends basketball season begins. I cheered for my first Women’s Basketball game where we came out on top beating Yale convincingly. I can not wait to cheer more especially with the home opener for the men’s team approaching soon on Wednesday November 14.

Besides the athletics I have learned Holy Cross’ theater department is very strong as well. I went to see Machinal, a play performed by the students of Holy Cross. The play was fantastic, with great dialogue, acting, directing, and setting. The main character Helen was being denied by society to be herself. She was suffocating in the life she had by her mother, husband, and overall life. This play was one of expressionism  in which there is distortion to make a certain point. This was also the first feminist play! Overall I was moved by the acting and happy to watch something so great.

From athletics, acting, and now politics! I VOTED! I did not get the I VOTED sticker but I was still proud to be an American that day. I recently turned 18 in September so this was my first election to which I could legally participate. I registered in Massachusetts so I was able to take the shuttle to a voting station nearby and check of my candidate.I felt it was my duty to vote and I am glad I took part in history. All night FOX and CNN were showing everywhere and after the results were announced I had a great feeling. This election made me realize how much politics whether one likes it or not can influence your future and I have decided as a result that I want to change my path and do political science and law. I will not declare until next year but I am happy with my present decision! Hey freshman year is all about finding yourself and changing your mind and that is exactly what I plan to do! At least for now (:

Lastly I could not end this blog without talking about HC’s first SNOW!!!!! All my friends from California were so excited to see white flurries falling from the sky and that made me exceptionally happy!  I did not go sledding but I will eventually and let all you readers know how it goes on the hills of Holy Cross.



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