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Following in Lombardi.

January 26th, 2013 imasan16

I have returned to this beautiful campus! Last time I blogged It was approaching the  New Year. That is all over now and so is the winter break. In an effort to make the best of the remaining days, my break was consumed with family, friends, movies, and  a lot of FOOTBALL! I went to my high school basketball game where we won in a thriller by one point. I attended my brother’s basketball game, and saw him having the time of his life. They are actually on a six game winning streak, pretty good for a group of fourth graders! Ohh and did I mention my little 10 year old brother made a trick shot at the high school basketball game that had the crowd going wild! Ahh great times with family and friends. I also went to NYC with my best friends where we walked around for approximately 7 hours and to tell you I was freezing is the understatement of the century. After that experience I got sick 🙁 which seemed to be spreading around the whole U.S. Anyway break was fantastic and so is being back at Holy Cross.

I have a story to tell all of you about the ride back to Worcester! My family and I arrived on campus but decided we wanted to eat before they headed back to Jersey. So that is what we did. We got some food and it started snowing. In the middle of a green light the car breaks down. So there are many problems with this situation … 1) Our Car broke DOWN 2) It was snowing 3) My family had to go back to Jersey that same night. For three hours we were stuck but luckily we were able to find a mechanic who drove us to a dealership to rent a car so my parents could drive back. The car is still in Worcester getting fixed. So we all know what that means… my family  will be making another visit backup to Massachusetts 🙂 YAYYYYYY!!! Maybe we can go out to 7NANA, that restaurant is absolutely delicious!!  The best thing I learned about that experience is things never turn out how you expect but patience and thought will get you out of anything! Not to mention the people who helped my family were so sweet and kind to help us in the cold!

Vince Lombardi once stated,”The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied  the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

Since the Super Bowl is approaching I thought it was only appropriate to quote one of the greatest coaches in any sport! Sports apply to everyday life as well!

That quote follows me through the next four months of school that I have left. Everything needs to be taken up a notch in order to better myself. In the first week of school which started Tuesday, I can honesly say I believe this semester will be better than ever. I enjoy the classes I am enrolled into. I am taking Poetry with a fantastic and outgoing professor. I feel I will learn alot about writing in general through her. I am taking Calculus 2 with fundamentals to brush up on my basic skills while still grasping the next level of Calculus! I am also taking Principles of American Government, which makes me extremely happy. The class forces me to become a better citizen and take a more active interest in the world and our government. We have already discussed many issues like President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech (which is written by an HC alumni:), his cabinet, and gun control in America. Although the class is a lot of work I am so excited about the potential!!! And of course I have continued with my Montserrat (:  Academically I am excited for the semester.

Tomorrow I have a big game to cheer! Bucknell versus HC!! GO ‘SADERS!!!!!!

Five Goals for the new semester

1. straight A’s/ active in office hours

2. Eat healthier

3. Workout as much as possible ( cliche I know)

4. 1 HC seminar/event a month

5. apply for internships

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