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Week in Review including the Future Secretary of State & Holy Cross!!!!

January 31st, 2013 imasan16

The game versus Bucknell was televised on CBS Sports and it was a great game to say the least. We eventually lost but the crowd and environment was the best I have ever felt while cheering for the team! My weekend continued with a couple of  parties, a celebrationfor my friend’s birthday and an appearance at the HC Dance Marathon! The Dance Marathon was from 8 pm until 8 am where students danced hours upon hours without a break to raise money for HIV and AIDS. At one point, we had a virtual conference with Columbia University students who were also having their dance marathon! It was a cool experience.

On Monday I had my photo taken with a lovely lady who works with a local newspaper in Worcester. I was a model for the day and it was really fun!  The week before I was interviewed about the admission process I went through and why I ultimately chose Holy Cross. It was great talking about that experience and what makes Holy Cross unique.

On Tuesday my Core Human Question’s cluster watched a movie called Of Gods and Men. The movie focused on a group of French priests who were stationed in Algeria. They faced a number of problems which include lack of supplies to help the community, terrorists who threaten their lives, and lack of support from the government and the embassy. The movie shows the strength and spiritual bond that occurs in their lives. I thought it was an interesting movie and different from anything I was used to watching.

Now to the highlight of my week! Today January 31, 2013 future Secretary of State Senator John Kerry came to speak in the Hogan Ballroom of Holy Cross. The future cabinet member of President Obama stood before the community of Worcester, students, and faculty to thank those who have supported him including Congressman Jim McGovern and members of Senator Kerry’s staff. He recalled his early life and how that prepares him for his work in foreign relations. The moment that really stood out to me was when he relayed the message that serving others and helping others is the best reward. Holy Cross’ message has always been men and women for others and Senator Kerry focused on that in his message. He stressed the importance of after college becoming better citizens of America so that one can truly make a difference. Reminding others and those in power that “we cannot be  a country that that drowns out the voice of average americans.”  Senator Kerry’s speech was authentic, personal, and eloquently spoken!

It seems that when I think Holy Cross can not get any better, the College experience continues to do exactly that! No matter Democratic, Republican, or Independent, one could truly appreciate and take part of history that was made today in him visiting campus!

Enjoy the PICTURES!!!

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