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February 25th, 2013 imasan16

Earlier in the summer I saw a clip about Holy Cross. NBC’s Today Show covered the story of the late Reverend Brooks and his efforts to recruit a number of African Americans to Holy Cross. The book called “Fraternity” by Diane Brady follows the lives of young black men and their time at Holy Cross in the late 1960s.  On Monday I attended an inspiring talk led by the Black Student Union in which three of the men featured in the book came to speak. Each individual talked about why they came to HC, the turbulent times, the great memories, and events featured in the book including the memorable walk out! They urged each student to work hard and cherish not only the memories and opportunities this liberal arts education offers. When asked whether they would repeat their experiences, they said without a doubt.  This talk reminded me that even when times get tough I really have to stay focused. These men accomplished great things in their lives including becoming one of the nation’s  top attorneys and even a professional football player.

As an African American woman I realize the path they have blazed for other students like me to have the opportunity to succeed. When you see someone else accomplish so much it helps you believe that this is a possibility for yourself as well. I not only purchased the book, but felt motivated to get my homework done. Holy Cross continues to work towards diversity and although we have a long way to go, I commend the efforts the college has done and continues to do! I feel comfortable as a woman of color on this campus and I know as an incoming freshman that was one of my concerns.  It is moments like these, when I am surrounded by greatness, I remember why I chose Holy Cross.

Thank you to the men of “Fraternity”

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