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Spring Fever

April 6th, 2013 imasan16

Hello everyone it is finally spring!

Yesterday was probably the nicest day in Worcester since October! The sun was shining, the wind  was blowing, and everyone was out and about! Additionally, my roommate and I placed our little blanket outside, blasted our summertime music and did some homework on the grass area outside our dorm. It was a great time. After a long week of school (even though technically it was only four days of classes) our night consisted of hanging out with friends ordering Chinese food and relaxing, catching up with each other.  Yesterday CAB also announced  that Mac Miller will  perform  for the Spring Concert! Maybe he will bring Ariana Grande ( which I am  a big fan of her and their new song together)  and his most dope family! hahahaha But anyways in academic news I attended an informational session in Educational studies. I thought it was very interesting and I may just become and Educational studies minor. I do not want to go into teaching but I find myself interested in the workings of academic institutions and academic policy! It also seems to compliment a Political Science major very well, so I may just be heading and declaring in the next week(:  However I was also thinking about possibly double majoring in Mathematics and Political Science…… ahhhhhh decisions decisions. These are the struggles.

Anyway I will let you know if anything new comes up!

Thanks and Happy Spring!

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