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So you want to go to HC?

April 14th, 2013 imasan16

I will first start off by Congratulating the newly Accepted Students! You all have worked so hard and finally it has payed off! I remember opening my big white envelope and reading my Holy Cross Admission letter. It struck my parents and I as welcoming and eager to have me on campus which was something that was unique in comparison to the other schools I applied to. Now I have talked before about why I picked Holy Cross and why I love it now, but I stress the process I went through just last year. I really did not know how much I would come to grow and love this school. Holy Cross is my home and I hope it will be your home too next fall!

Class of 2017 we welcome you to the community! We are excited to see you future Crusaders!

Now I have been able to actively participate in the Admissions Outreach program and have met a couple incoming freshman who may possibly attend here. I have recently been in contact with a few of them and have had a chance to answer questions and concerns. It got me  thinking that if they have certain questions I am sure others are wondering these answers as well.  I am here today to answer some of these questions and put your minds at ease lol. I hope it helps!

1. How will Holy Cross help me in terms of me going into Occupational Therapy?

My answer to that is the Pre Health Advisory program. It is an accessible program in which students sign up to learn about events and what courses are offered for those interested in Medicine. However the program also prepares students for all types of concentrations in the Medical field including Dentistry, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Occupational Therapy is no different. The courses one must take to prepare for any of these jobs are so similar and the program at the College will prepare you in the best way! We are over the nation’s average of students accepted into Medical School.

2. Holy Cross community life? Sports? Partying?

Everyone at HC is participating in some type of physical activity or has participated in High School. A good percent of the student body is a varsity athlete or participates in intramural or club sports. With that said it is okay if you are not an athlete or want to participate in sports because there is also a significant part of the student body who is interested in academic clubs, community service, or student government. We get the best of both worlds!  As for partying it depends on who you are. The campus is a great mix of people who like to party and those who like to enjoy a nice dinner and a movie. If you want to just relax an have a good time with your friends that is definitely what HC is about, however on Sunday it is back to work and back to the library. The HC student experiences the “normal” college life but also works exceptionally hard in their academics.

3. Cheering at HC?

I was a high school cheerleader who transitioned to HC cheering in the best way! If you cheered in high school and are worried about the commitment or it overwhelming you think again! Cheering was the best decision I made because not only did I continue to do what I love , but  I was exposed to the next level of my activity. Cheering for college is a great accomplishment and one in which any cheerleader should be a part of. More importantly I built a new family. I was exposed to upperclassmen and new people and we bonded. Just like any sport we are a close group of teammates and that is why I joined and love cheering. Sooo if you are interested in cheering or never cheered and want to try, why not tryout and join a new type of sisterhood!

4. Dressing for School?

Now I am obsessed with fashion! I love dressing up for class and putting new combinations together! Maybe it is because I went to catholic school my whole life and my thirst for unique style has been quenched while here. Anyway Holy Cross students If I may say so myself dress very well! Do not be surprised if everyone is wearing Bean boots on a rainy day or riding boots in the early spring. Many of us look like we came out of a JCrew catalog. Yet with thats said it is a great place for those who are interested in style because there is a way students here make it their own. I may wear coral colored jeans with a nice ghanaian top and white flats! Here it is about taking the basic and making it your own. Now with that said a lot of people wear yoga pants and sweat shirts to class as well including myself. Comfortability is really important as well and many people including myself just love to wear their glasses, sweatpants and a comfy HC sweater! It is all about a college balance. So if you love to dress up this is the place for you , but if you also love to be comfortable this is the college for you as well!!

Hope that helped a little!

Can’t wait for you all to visit!

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