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April 26th, 2013 imasan16

Hi everyone!

Once again I have been absolutely swamped with school work! After four all nighters in a row, the school days are over! I am so happy to just relax and most of all SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a Montserrat paper due Wednesday, Political Science paper due Thursday, and a Poetry paper due Friday! I have been in the library the past few days more than I have  been over the past year! Writer’s Workshop  is probably the best thing since chocolate covered strawberries. Having other students critique your paper allows you to become a better writer and receive outside perspective. It is one of the best things Holy Cross has to offer.

Aside from my papers I have generally had a great couple of weeks! The weather has been great and the campus has been buzzing since the Open House Weekend! So many eager perspectives were on campus and got to experience a day as a Crusader!  Including a girl from back home who is coming here next year! I am super excited and overjoyed she has chosen HC!

In other news I have been accepted as an Orientation Leader for Fall 2013 and an Escape Leader! I am so excited and blessed to have these opportunities!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!

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