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A Series of Fortunate Events

November 18th, 2013 imasan16

November so far has been a series of fortunate events! I went on the second Escape retreat and had a chance to connect with a group of first year students once again. It was great going to Toah Nipi for a second time around eating great food and spending time with great company.  The group was much smaller in comparison to the last time, but weirdly enough I loved it! I like how open and comfortable the students in my group were around myself and each other! I really had a great time getting to know them and hope to build on the friendships made. Toah Nipi is always a place of firsts for me, that is where I went canoeing for the first time, it is the first place I have been to in New Hampshire, and it was where I first ran into a freezing lake. Yes, a group of the leaders including myself were crazy and decided to run into the freezing cold lake! That is a first and last. It definitely made everything more memorable! I came back not only refreshed but more appreciative of where I am in my life right now!

The next day the cheerleaders took a van to Boston and drove to TD Garden to support our men’s basketball team against Harvard. I cheered in high school and it is a dream of any cheerleader to have a chance to cheer at a place like TD Garden where the Boston Celtics play! The crowd was great in a losing effort to Harvard and I honestly had a really great experience as I got my five minutes of fame!

Wednesday was another big day. I had the opportunity to meet and listen to Governor Jon Huntsman as he discussed international relations with China and how the future of the country is now in the hands of my generation. Listening to such a great political mind was an honor. I attended a 30 person seminar in which he shook all of our hands and opened the discussion to questions.  Next I attended a reception and dinner with fine  members of the Howland and Hanify family, faculty members, the honoree and his lovely wife Mary Kaye Huntsman. Interacting with different people  was a great opportunity  and the dinner was superb!!!!!!!!

Overall this week was pretty spectacular to say the least!!!






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