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January 15th, 2014 imasan16

New Year, New Me- The cliche everyone says once January rolls around. For me it is a new year but it won’t be a new me it will be a better me! This next semester is not about becoming a new person but becoming a better version of myself and building upon the foundation from last semester. I have just received my first email from one of my new professors and ordered my books for spring. It is weird to think that a week from now I will be back in class learning about Art of Africa and America, International Relations, Education Reform and French! This break was exactly what I needed and returning I could not feel any more rejuvenated and motivated. My classes are very different from one another as you can see but I am excited to explore different subject areas. My educational goal is to attend office hours as much as I can for each class and tackle papers as soon as it is given instead of waiting last minute.  School must continue to be the number one priority!

From inside the classroom to outside the classroom I really want to take advantage of MORE opportunities. Some of my best memories are because I did things I never thought I would, hopefully I can continue that this semester! I would like to take advantage of some of the retreats Holy Cross has to offer whether it is Manresa or the Spiritual exercises and go to mass more often on Sundays. Loyola Gym will be my new fave place . Yes yada yada yada, everyone says they will go to the gym but I want to continue the regimen I had at home at school. Oh and I will definitely schedule a  hot stone massage with Health services.  I also think it is important for me to start looking at the job opportunities on campus and in the community because there are so many! I have found a balance and am comfortable enough now to work while in school!

Now I have been to the TD Garden for HC and I have been to Gillette Stadium for a Pats game! However, I think it’s time to take my talents to a Bruins and Celtics game this semester!!!!!  There’s a lot on my to do list but honestly I have four months to do these things and I will get them done(:

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