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February 10th, 2014 imasan16

Anyone who knows me, understands my love for sports and specifically basketball. Sunday was College Basketball game day, a little different from the usual Saturday. In a televised game Holy Cross took on Bucknell. In a game that would be competitive it lived up to all expectations and was even better. The number of people who came out to support the team was fantastic as the court benches were completely filled. From students, people in the community, and parents, everyone came to see a great game. I have to say the game was electrifying from the finesse plays to the dunks that absolutely brought down the house. Holy Cross defeated Bucknell and it was purely magical. I loved witnessing the enjoyment on both sides. Besides the basketball game not a lot has happened.  I enjoyed a great night with friends eating pizza and watching the superbowl, going out  and enjoying the sites in Worcester to top it off.

I have been very busy with school and applying for internships. I have been taking advantage of the career planning center in order to prepare for the internships. They have helped me greatly in forming cover letters and editing my resume! I have revised my resume about four times and I am still working on it! But hey practice makes perfect! My participation in extracurriculars has decreased in the spring semester but I am now focusing on my classes for the semester. In other news I have also finally declared my major. I am officially a Political Science major!!!!!!! It has been a long time coming but I am happy I decided to major in Political Science. The next step is declaring my minor, but we’ll wait till next time for that one!

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