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Holy Cross Cares Day

April 1st, 2014 imasan16

On Saturday morning a number of Holy Cross students spent their day volunteering in the Worcester community, I happen to be one of them. Myself along with the rest of the cheerleading team went to South High School in Worcester. One of my teammates used to attend the Public High School so she showed us around and talked about her experience in high school. As an education minor, this was a great opportunity for me to explore other high schools than just my own in NJ. While we were at the school we worked in the attic and helped out a great cause. South HS is home to a great organization called Andy’s Attic, which provides used clothing for those in need not only in the high school and surrounding communities but for those all over Massachusetts. The organization devoted to the memory of a young man Andy who tragically passed away was a great way for volunteers, students, and others to help in anyway they can specifically through clothing donations. Once an order comes in the clothing is sent to the individual in need. The closet was filled with clothes for toddlers, babies, men and women.  I am so happy I had the opportunity to learn about the great things South HS is doing with Andy’s Attic and also participate in helping to reorganize the clothing! I hope to stop by and volunteer in the future because this truly is a great cause.  Sometimes we forget there is a life outside the gates of Holy Cross because of all the school work and duties we have going on in our life, or atleast i do! It is always great to step outside and get active in the community. I would definitely  say HC Cares Day was a success!!


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