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September 18th, 2014 imasan16

I can’t believe I am only two weeks into the school year, it feels like I have been here for two months. I came back to campus a little early to have cheer preseason and ever since then I have been on the go! We have added a bunch of new girls to the team and have expanded to a team of 17 which is exciting for the program. The football team is currently 2-1 which is extremely exciting and a great turn around! This cheer season I can tell will be something special!  Going into my third year I know my routine and the transition from summer into the academic period has been really smooth. I have started my classes which I really enjoy. Two classes are focused on Africana topics and the other two are law seminars. My professors  are really passionate about the material which make me excited to go to class.  I have also started working and interning. I am working in the Audio Visual department which is cool and different because I am actually learning more about technology than I could have ever known! I am interning this semester at an immigration law firm as a legal intern. It’s great to get off campus and go into the city of Worcester. The intern life has not stopped since the summer and I prefer it that way. I am excited to be exposed to more aspects of the legal field, as I try to figure out what my next steps will be in the future. Besides school, work, and interning, I have had a great time reconnecting with friends and meeting people. This year is a little different because a lot of people are studying abroad but I am definitely making the most of this year!

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