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Snow Daze 2k15

January 31st, 2015 imasan16

Any time you can start a semester and immediately have snow days that interfere with classes, it’s essentially a recipe for Netflix binges and spending too many hours hanging with your friends and not doing your assigned class readings. With that said, it has to be set straight that Holy Cross never closes for any reason, so when this huge blizzard aka blizzard2k15 hit Massachusetts, we knew it was going to be bad because HC did the one thing it never does…. cancelled classes! I have never been so happy to have a blizzard…ever! The best thing about having a roommate with a car on campus is just that, having the freedom to run around town! We were able to go to WalMart and buy some last minute goods before the shelter was in place. Immediately after we went to  Olive Garden… yummy in my tummy!  My days have been filled with fun in the snow, cheering at basketball games with an electric crowd, and obviously trying to balance my love for Shondaland with my heavy load of readings. With that being said the semester has just begun and it is time to refocus and continue to build on the academic progress I made last year. 2015 has some great things in store!  Holy Cross has stepped up their campaign this semester to encourage unity on campus with events and panel discussions that embrace HC in Solidarity in order to bring different people together and depict all the faces on the hill! It is a great cause and one that has allowed an open forum for social issues! Now for me this upcoming week will definitely be one to remember as it is a very busy week for me, but hopefully I will have a lot to write about!


Thanks, for now!

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