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New Year, New Me- The cliche everyone says once January rolls around. For me it is a new year but it won’t be a new me it will be a better me! This next semester is not about becoming a new person but becoming a better version of myself and building upon the foundation from last semester. I have just received my first email from one of my new professors and ordered my books for spring. It is weird to think that a week from now I will be back in class learning about Art of Africa and America, International Relations, Education Reform and French! This break was exactly what I needed and returning I could not feel any more rejuvenated and motivated. My classes are very different from one another as you can see but I am excited to explore different subject areas. My educational goal is to attend office hours as much as I can for each class and tackle papers as soon as it is given instead of waiting last minute.  School must continue to be the number one priority!

From inside the classroom to outside the classroom I really want to take advantage of MORE opportunities. Some of my best memories are because I did things I never thought I would, hopefully I can continue that this semester! I would like to take advantage of some of the retreats Holy Cross has to offer whether it is Manresa or the Spiritual exercises and go to mass more often on Sundays. Loyola Gym will be my new fave place . Yes yada yada yada, everyone says they will go to the gym but I want to continue the regimen I had at home at school. Oh and I will definitely schedule a  hot stone massage with Health services.  I also think it is important for me to start looking at the job opportunities on campus and in the community because there are so many! I have found a balance and am comfortable enough now to work while in school!

Now I have been to the TD Garden for HC and I have been to Gillette Stadium for a Pats game! However, I think it’s time to take my talents to a Bruins and Celtics game this semester!!!!!  There’s a lot on my to do list but honestly I have four months to do these things and I will get them done(:

2013 has had a lot of great moments but instead of writing out my top moments I thought I would share some great pictures with you all!

IMG_1723IMG_1721IMG_1726IMG_1767IMG_1764IMG_1674 IMG_1591 IMG_1432 IMG_1051 IMG_1067 IMG_1063 

From seeing Beyonce in concert, going to Jamaica, being with my family and friends and everything in between this year has been one to remember!


November so far has been a series of fortunate events! I went on the second Escape retreat and had a chance to connect with a group of first year students once again. It was great going to Toah Nipi for a second time around eating great food and spending time with great company.  The group was much smaller in comparison to the last time, but weirdly enough I loved it! I like how open and comfortable the students in my group were around myself and each other! I really had a great time getting to know them and hope to build on the friendships made. Toah Nipi is always a place of firsts for me, that is where I went canoeing for the first time, it is the first place I have been to in New Hampshire, and it was where I first ran into a freezing lake. Yes, a group of the leaders including myself were crazy and decided to run into the freezing cold lake! That is a first and last. It definitely made everything more memorable! I came back not only refreshed but more appreciative of where I am in my life right now!

The next day the cheerleaders took a van to Boston and drove to TD Garden to support our men’s basketball team against Harvard. I cheered in high school and it is a dream of any cheerleader to have a chance to cheer at a place like TD Garden where the Boston Celtics play! The crowd was great in a losing effort to Harvard and I honestly had a really great experience as I got my five minutes of fame!

Wednesday was another big day. I had the opportunity to meet and listen to Governor Jon Huntsman as he discussed international relations with China and how the future of the country is now in the hands of my generation. Listening to such a great political mind was an honor. I attended a 30 person seminar in which he shook all of our hands and opened the discussion to questions.  Next I attended a reception and dinner with fine  members of the Howland and Hanify family, faculty members, the honoree and his lovely wife Mary Kaye Huntsman. Interacting with different people  was a great opportunity  and the dinner was superb!!!!!!!!

Overall this week was pretty spectacular to say the least!!!






I have officially been in school for about 3 months now and it is finally November. The semester is more than half way over and it is important for me to take the time to really step back and let you all know what has happened on campus so far. My family came up for family weekend and I had a great time with them. We went to the cheer tailgate and spent time with everyone and their families which was fantastic. Cheering in front of my family is always a pleasure and I am really happy they got to see me cheer again. Even though we lost the game the memories with my family are something I will cherish.

Aside from family weekend, a couple days ago was Halloween. A few of my friends and I got ready together and went out to have a great time at a local club. I was an eskimo, while my other friends were Freddy Kreuger, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, and a ref! It was a fun Halloween for everyone! I also tried something completely different. I was a sports broadcaster for the men’s soccer game versus Army. At first it was kind of rough and I was extremely nervous about the whole ordeal. However, the second half was a huge turn around as I shook off the nerves and was able to do a solid play by play of the soccer match. P.S. Holy Cross did win and clinch a spot in the playoffs as a result.

That’s all for now but I will keep you all updated!

It’s been fairly hectic  for me this semester! Between cheering, going to meetings, and doing  school work I have a lot to catch you all up on! Since the last time I blogged until now there has been Homecoming, which was so much fun because it’s great to see some of the old cheerleaders who graduated last year. FOX 25 also came to campus which was pretty cool to say the least. Now that brings me to fall break in which I slept, ate, and watched t.v. sounds pretty perfect right? Oh and did I mention it was a whole ten days! Fall break was fantastic. Holy Cross times the break perfectly, so that just when you are starting to miss home, you can return to see your family and friends! I came back on campus early to cheer for the game and even though we were defeated by Colgate, the Saders played well and we all witnessed a competitive and  close game.

So far in the semester there are so many opportunities for sophomores. I am currently thinking about applying for study abroad, may semester, and washington. I am also looking into officially declaring Political Science and Educational studies! Ahhh I have come along way since last year and hope to continue the experiences at HC!

Here are pictures from the games!

1374786_671583636192918_475070114_n  1235239_10201347778149125_240716627_n (2)

Lana Del Ray sings about the summertime blues, but  en route to campus mid August I was ready for the school year to begin! I’m back for my sophomore year and things have already started to move quickly. However,  I don’t expect anything less from HC. Just to recap, I basically spent my summer relaxing and reconnecting with family and friends. I had an internship recording street style for a media site, worked as a nanny for two weeks, and went to Jamaica for an Immersion trip with other Holy Cross students. The latter of the three really left an impact in my life. While in Jamaica for ten days I visited Bustamante Hospital which is the only children’s hospital in all of Jamaica, a retirement home, and  an elementary school. These ten days were some of my best days all summer and I will remember this as one of my favorite HC experiences.  The people were welcoming, warm and have a spot in my heart as a result while the connections I made with the other HC students in my group is a bond that will never be broken. This experience truly touched me and would encourage anyone to  take a chance and apply. It seems cliche but this was truly life changing!

Now back to the beginning of the school year! I came to campus early to participate in Orientation Leader training and I had a blast. It was great to meet the incoming freshman and even better meet a whole group of new people in my fellow orientation leaders. I realized how much the little things in life really do matter when executing an activity. I respect the preparation so much more because I am an OL. I also led the Escape Retreat which was perfect because of the interaction I continued to have with the first years on how to handle the obstacles they may face. It was also a great time to reflect and meet even more people at HC! Toah Nipi is definitely one of the prettiest places in New Hampshire! I also went canoeing for the very first time which was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Aside from all the activities it has been great to reconnect with people and see what they did for the summertime! I missed all my friends and am glad to see some old faces but also meet new faces.

I am excited to see what else this year has for me! Saturday is the first Saturday night home game for football in a long time so that should be a great night as well! I’ll keep you all updated!



Hi everyone!

Once again I have been absolutely swamped with school work! After four all nighters in a row, the school days are over! I am so happy to just relax and most of all SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a Montserrat paper due Wednesday, Political Science paper due Thursday, and a Poetry paper due Friday! I have been in the library the past few days more than I have  been over the past year! Writer’s Workshop  is probably the best thing since chocolate covered strawberries. Having other students critique your paper allows you to become a better writer and receive outside perspective. It is one of the best things Holy Cross has to offer.

Aside from my papers I have generally had a great couple of weeks! The weather has been great and the campus has been buzzing since the Open House Weekend! So many eager perspectives were on campus and got to experience a day as a Crusader!  Including a girl from back home who is coming here next year! I am super excited and overjoyed she has chosen HC!

In other news I have been accepted as an Orientation Leader for Fall 2013 and an Escape Leader! I am so excited and blessed to have these opportunities!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!

I will first start off by Congratulating the newly Accepted Students! You all have worked so hard and finally it has payed off! I remember opening my big white envelope and reading my Holy Cross Admission letter. It struck my parents and I as welcoming and eager to have me on campus which was something that was unique in comparison to the other schools I applied to. Now I have talked before about why I picked Holy Cross and why I love it now, but I stress the process I went through just last year. I really did not know how much I would come to grow and love this school. Holy Cross is my home and I hope it will be your home too next fall!

Class of 2017 we welcome you to the community! We are excited to see you future Crusaders!

Now I have been able to actively participate in the Admissions Outreach program and have met a couple incoming freshman who may possibly attend here. I have recently been in contact with a few of them and have had a chance to answer questions and concerns. It got me  thinking that if they have certain questions I am sure others are wondering these answers as well.  I am here today to answer some of these questions and put your minds at ease lol. I hope it helps!

1. How will Holy Cross help me in terms of me going into Occupational Therapy?

My answer to that is the Pre Health Advisory program. It is an accessible program in which students sign up to learn about events and what courses are offered for those interested in Medicine. However the program also prepares students for all types of concentrations in the Medical field including Dentistry, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Occupational Therapy is no different. The courses one must take to prepare for any of these jobs are so similar and the program at the College will prepare you in the best way! We are over the nation’s average of students accepted into Medical School.

2. Holy Cross community life? Sports? Partying?

Everyone at HC is participating in some type of physical activity or has participated in High School. A good percent of the student body is a varsity athlete or participates in intramural or club sports. With that said it is okay if you are not an athlete or want to participate in sports because there is also a significant part of the student body who is interested in academic clubs, community service, or student government. We get the best of both worlds!  As for partying it depends on who you are. The campus is a great mix of people who like to party and those who like to enjoy a nice dinner and a movie. If you want to just relax an have a good time with your friends that is definitely what HC is about, however on Sunday it is back to work and back to the library. The HC student experiences the “normal” college life but also works exceptionally hard in their academics.

3. Cheering at HC?

I was a high school cheerleader who transitioned to HC cheering in the best way! If you cheered in high school and are worried about the commitment or it overwhelming you think again! Cheering was the best decision I made because not only did I continue to do what I love , but  I was exposed to the next level of my activity. Cheering for college is a great accomplishment and one in which any cheerleader should be a part of. More importantly I built a new family. I was exposed to upperclassmen and new people and we bonded. Just like any sport we are a close group of teammates and that is why I joined and love cheering. Sooo if you are interested in cheering or never cheered and want to try, why not tryout and join a new type of sisterhood!

4. Dressing for School?

Now I am obsessed with fashion! I love dressing up for class and putting new combinations together! Maybe it is because I went to catholic school my whole life and my thirst for unique style has been quenched while here. Anyway Holy Cross students If I may say so myself dress very well! Do not be surprised if everyone is wearing Bean boots on a rainy day or riding boots in the early spring. Many of us look like we came out of a JCrew catalog. Yet with thats said it is a great place for those who are interested in style because there is a way students here make it their own. I may wear coral colored jeans with a nice ghanaian top and white flats! Here it is about taking the basic and making it your own. Now with that said a lot of people wear yoga pants and sweat shirts to class as well including myself. Comfortability is really important as well and many people including myself just love to wear their glasses, sweatpants and a comfy HC sweater! It is all about a college balance. So if you love to dress up this is the place for you , but if you also love to be comfortable this is the college for you as well!!

Hope that helped a little!

Can’t wait for you all to visit!

Hello everyone it is finally spring!

Yesterday was probably the nicest day in Worcester since October! The sun was shining, the wind  was blowing, and everyone was out and about! Additionally, my roommate and I placed our little blanket outside, blasted our summertime music and did some homework on the grass area outside our dorm. It was a great time. After a long week of school (even though technically it was only four days of classes) our night consisted of hanging out with friends ordering Chinese food and relaxing, catching up with each other.  Yesterday CAB also announced  that Mac Miller will  perform  for the Spring Concert! Maybe he will bring Ariana Grande ( which I am  a big fan of her and their new song together)  and his most dope family! hahahaha But anyways in academic news I attended an informational session in Educational studies. I thought it was very interesting and I may just become and Educational studies minor. I do not want to go into teaching but I find myself interested in the workings of academic institutions and academic policy! It also seems to compliment a Political Science major very well, so I may just be heading and declaring in the next week(:  However I was also thinking about possibly double majoring in Mathematics and Political Science…… ahhhhhh decisions decisions. These are the struggles.

Anyway I will let you know if anything new comes up!

Thanks and Happy Spring!

Hey everyone!

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year and even closer to Easter break!

I have been so focused on my studies I haven’t really gotten the chance to blog.

On Tuesday March 19, 2013 I had an amazing opportunity to hear Soledad O’Brien speak. I went to hertalk and a seminar in which we got to ask her personal questions. She talked about her life in Broadcast Journalism and key moments like Hurricane Katrina. She talked about  anchoring the Black in America documentary and the relationship between media and politics.   I also got to take a picture with her. So enjoy!

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