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Earlier in the summer I saw a clip about Holy Cross. NBC’s Today Show covered the story of the late Reverend Brooks and his efforts to recruit a number of African Americans to Holy Cross. The book called “Fraternity” by Diane Brady follows the lives of young black men and their time at Holy Cross in the late 1960s.  On Monday I attended an inspiring talk led by the Black Student Union in which three of the men featured in the book came to speak. Each individual talked about why they came to HC, the turbulent times, the great memories, and events featured in the book including the memorable walk out! They urged each student to work hard and cherish not only the memories and opportunities this liberal arts education offers. When asked whether they would repeat their experiences, they said without a doubt.  This talk reminded me that even when times get tough I really have to stay focused. These men accomplished great things in their lives including becoming one of the nation’s  top attorneys and even a professional football player.

As an African American woman I realize the path they have blazed for other students like me to have the opportunity to succeed. When you see someone else accomplish so much it helps you believe that this is a possibility for yourself as well. I not only purchased the book, but felt motivated to get my homework done. Holy Cross continues to work towards diversity and although we have a long way to go, I commend the efforts the college has done and continues to do! I feel comfortable as a woman of color on this campus and I know as an incoming freshman that was one of my concerns.  It is moments like these, when I am surrounded by greatness, I remember why I chose Holy Cross.

Thank you to the men of “Fraternity”

Time seems to be flying by so quickly and it is great that I have the opportunity to blog. Blogging gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts, and experiences with all of you, but it also allows me to reflect on my week. The newspaper article about HC Blogging has been printed and I am truly honored to be part of the cover story! Since the John Kerry press conference I have accomplished a lot! My dad came to visit. It was great to see him and it made me realize how much I missed my family! So instead of staying in my dorm and dwelling on the fact I was not with my family I went to the Black Student Union Fashion Show, whose theme was SEVEN.  The show was fantastic and nicely done. There were many performances by the step team on campus, the dancers, a cappella groups, and even the Boys and Girls Club in the area. Overall the night was a success. I give praise to the people who put the show together because I really enjoyed the show.

That Sunday was also the Super Bowl. All my friends came over and we ordered from this great restaurant called Tweeds. The food was fattening, greasy, and delicious. Six girls in a room watching the Ravens defeat the 49ers was a fun experience. It was my first Superbowl away from family and I was feeling pretty homesick before the game but because I had a bunch of people over for the game I truly had a great time!

February 4, 2013 is the day Cokie Roberts came to campus! Her talk focused around the recent election and the progress of the United States. She was not only intelligent, but extremely witty and kept the audience engaged in what she was saying. She was one of the best speakers I have heard so far!  For those of you who do not know Cokie Roberts, she is an American journalist and author not to mention news analyst for NPR! It was truly an honor to hear her speak!

From Mr. Kerry to Mrs. Roberts, we have reached Nemo. No this is not Finding Nemo but rather the blizzard which hit the New England area. We were on lockdown because of the severity of the snow storm. It was actually fun to be cooped up in the dorms with all your friends. Let’s just say there was serious bonding between all of us! I ended up sledding down the hill right next to Wheeler.  The Holy Cross campus has the best sledding opportunities in the winter if I may say so myself!

The week has continued with visits to the career center, where they are helping me with my resume for this summer, and completions of my first paper and exam for the semester. Everything seems to be going pretty well! To top it all off, last night I met Jalen Rose, the former Michigan and NBA player. Nowadays you can catch him on television as a sports analyst. That was definitely one of the highlights for me of the semester and year. If you are a sports fanatic like I am you will understand my excitement!

Lastly, it is Ash Wednesday, my friend and I attended mass! I have decided to do three things for Lent. First I promise to go to the gym regularly, second I must attend office hours for each of my classes at least once a week, and finally I promise to go to Mass every Sunday! YAYYY for my Lenten challenges (:

I will leave you all with a little quote  to remember- “Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” – A little Shakespeare for everyone!

The game versus Bucknell was televised on CBS Sports and it was a great game to say the least. We eventually lost but the crowd and environment was the best I have ever felt while cheering for the team! My weekend continued with a couple of  parties, a celebrationfor my friend’s birthday and an appearance at the HC Dance Marathon! The Dance Marathon was from 8 pm until 8 am where students danced hours upon hours without a break to raise money for HIV and AIDS. At one point, we had a virtual conference with Columbia University students who were also having their dance marathon! It was a cool experience.

On Monday I had my photo taken with a lovely lady who works with a local newspaper in Worcester. I was a model for the day and it was really fun!  The week before I was interviewed about the admission process I went through and why I ultimately chose Holy Cross. It was great talking about that experience and what makes Holy Cross unique.

On Tuesday my Core Human Question’s cluster watched a movie called Of Gods and Men. The movie focused on a group of French priests who were stationed in Algeria. They faced a number of problems which include lack of supplies to help the community, terrorists who threaten their lives, and lack of support from the government and the embassy. The movie shows the strength and spiritual bond that occurs in their lives. I thought it was an interesting movie and different from anything I was used to watching.

Now to the highlight of my week! Today January 31, 2013 future Secretary of State Senator John Kerry came to speak in the Hogan Ballroom of Holy Cross. The future cabinet member of President Obama stood before the community of Worcester, students, and faculty to thank those who have supported him including Congressman Jim McGovern and members of Senator Kerry’s staff. He recalled his early life and how that prepares him for his work in foreign relations. The moment that really stood out to me was when he relayed the message that serving others and helping others is the best reward. Holy Cross’ message has always been men and women for others and Senator Kerry focused on that in his message. He stressed the importance of after college becoming better citizens of America so that one can truly make a difference. Reminding others and those in power that “we cannot be  a country that that drowns out the voice of average americans.”  Senator Kerry’s speech was authentic, personal, and eloquently spoken!

It seems that when I think Holy Cross can not get any better, the College experience continues to do exactly that! No matter Democratic, Republican, or Independent, one could truly appreciate and take part of history that was made today in him visiting campus!

Enjoy the PICTURES!!!

I have returned to this beautiful campus! Last time I blogged It was approaching the  New Year. That is all over now and so is the winter break. In an effort to make the best of the remaining days, my break was consumed with family, friends, movies, and  a lot of FOOTBALL! I went to my high school basketball game where we won in a thriller by one point. I attended my brother’s basketball game, and saw him having the time of his life. They are actually on a six game winning streak, pretty good for a group of fourth graders! Ohh and did I mention my little 10 year old brother made a trick shot at the high school basketball game that had the crowd going wild! Ahh great times with family and friends. I also went to NYC with my best friends where we walked around for approximately 7 hours and to tell you I was freezing is the understatement of the century. After that experience I got sick 🙁 which seemed to be spreading around the whole U.S. Anyway break was fantastic and so is being back at Holy Cross.

I have a story to tell all of you about the ride back to Worcester! My family and I arrived on campus but decided we wanted to eat before they headed back to Jersey. So that is what we did. We got some food and it started snowing. In the middle of a green light the car breaks down. So there are many problems with this situation … 1) Our Car broke DOWN 2) It was snowing 3) My family had to go back to Jersey that same night. For three hours we were stuck but luckily we were able to find a mechanic who drove us to a dealership to rent a car so my parents could drive back. The car is still in Worcester getting fixed. So we all know what that means… my family  will be making another visit backup to Massachusetts 🙂 YAYYYYYY!!! Maybe we can go out to 7NANA, that restaurant is absolutely delicious!!  The best thing I learned about that experience is things never turn out how you expect but patience and thought will get you out of anything! Not to mention the people who helped my family were so sweet and kind to help us in the cold!

Vince Lombardi once stated,”The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied  the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

Since the Super Bowl is approaching I thought it was only appropriate to quote one of the greatest coaches in any sport! Sports apply to everyday life as well!

That quote follows me through the next four months of school that I have left. Everything needs to be taken up a notch in order to better myself. In the first week of school which started Tuesday, I can honesly say I believe this semester will be better than ever. I enjoy the classes I am enrolled into. I am taking Poetry with a fantastic and outgoing professor. I feel I will learn alot about writing in general through her. I am taking Calculus 2 with fundamentals to brush up on my basic skills while still grasping the next level of Calculus! I am also taking Principles of American Government, which makes me extremely happy. The class forces me to become a better citizen and take a more active interest in the world and our government. We have already discussed many issues like President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech (which is written by an HC alumni:), his cabinet, and gun control in America. Although the class is a lot of work I am so excited about the potential!!! And of course I have continued with my Montserrat (:  Academically I am excited for the semester.

Tomorrow I have a big game to cheer! Bucknell versus HC!! GO ‘SADERS!!!!!!

Five Goals for the new semester

1. straight A’s/ active in office hours

2. Eat healthier

3. Workout as much as possible ( cliche I know)

4. 1 HC seminar/event a month

5. apply for internships

As the year ends and 2013 approaches, I feel it is important to reflect on my first semester at Holy Cross. I could never have imagined I would have enjoyed and changed this much in only four months, but it seems I have. When I first was accepted to the college I did not know much about the school except that many people love it and that it was a prestigious Jesuit college. I look back now and think how blessed I was to end up at this school and how much this school has influenced me. As a volunteer for the admission outreach program hear at Holy Cross I have had a couple people shadow me for a day, and recently one of the seniors, has been accepted! I am so excited for her to attend next year and it just makes me think about my time as a senior and the questions I had during this time.

1. The academics are highly rigorous, but the college helps the student make an easy transition from high school to college. The work here is going to be hard and you are not going to do well right away, but it is a process and if you work hard you will succeed. The professors are there to help so going to office hours is important. At HC it is normal to see people in the library late at night or even on their way to meet with their professor to discuss mathematic problems.

2. All programs are academically strong and you do not declare until latest second semester sophomore year. At HC there are major requirements and common requirements. Faculty encourage everyone to explore different interests.

3. The students are fairly diverse. The administration is always trying to increase diversity at Holy Cross and their efforts are highly visible in the different ethnicities, socio-economic standings, and in where students are from statewide and internationally. I have friends from California, Virginia, and Florida. The campus is very accepting and you can be unique and still feel one with the community. There are also many clubs and organizations like Black Student Union, Young Republicans, Asian Students in Action, and ABiGale Allies.

4. There is always something to do on campus. Saturday nights are filled with events at all time, including the Edge dances or CAB events. In my opinion Worcester is not as scary a place as some say. In actuality it is in the top ten of places to raise your family and if one goes to Shrewsbury Street you will find so many restaurants.  I have never had any problems with Worcester or its people.

5. Holy Cross is a hidden gem. The alumni connection truly makes this school great. The opportunities are immense and if you attend you will not regret it. Overall it is the best investment!

Now for my favorite moments from my first semester of HOLY CROSS!

1.  My surprise 18th Birthday party!

2. Going to Odyssey and meeting all my friends

3. Cheering for the first time in front of my family

4. Twilight with the girls

5. The Edges

6. Being accepted to the Jamaica Immersion program

7. Bonding with the cheer team

8. Saturday nights

9. visiting Boston

10. study nights in the study room

Hello readers!

I am currently on winter break and loving it. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Since I last blogged alot has happened. My last final was on December 15th, so I was on campus  until the very last day, not to mention the fact that I got really sick . However, the campus was nearly empty and I got to spend the last moments with some of my friends. We exchanged gifts and had a great laugh. It seemed that the day before finals everyone was not letting the stress get to them and having a great time. A group of us were studying and laughing the night away on Friday. It was refreshing to see the smiles on everyones face especially since everyone had been so tense from taking exams!  I am proud to say that I survived Holy Cross Exam week and lived to tell about it!

Now I am on break! We celebrated Christmas this year at my house. We went to Christmas Eve mass where after four months apart I saw my best friend! It was a joyous occasion. I love going to Mass during the holidays because there is only peace, happiness, and joy filling the air. After mass we had dinner at my house and stayed up until midnight opening gifts. I must say Santa was very generous this year! On actual Christmas Day we had family and friends come over for Christmas dinner. I absolutely LOVE food so the sight of turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rice, and pecan pie gave me a great big smile!!!! Oh and I can not forget the basketball games on television. CONGRATS to THE HEAT!!!!

Now that Christmas is over I have New Year’s Eve to look forward to and that will surely be a blast. My family and I are going to visit with relatives in New York and plan on going to the city to spend New Years! I am so excited because there is nothing like family and friends to bring in 2013! Hopefully next year will be just as great as this year!

Besides the holidays, break has been a time to reconnect with high school friends. One of my good friends attends a University in Arizona so this was the first time I have seen her in a long time! We met up in town and went to visit our old elementary school. It was great to see old teachers, and our principal and see how much the school has changed. It was a walk through memory lane.

That’s all I have for now, but can’t wait to update you all about the rest of my break!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

December is finally here and with Thanksgiving break over, it is now crunch time. There are so many distractions with the arrival of Christmas time, but here on campus you have no time for procrastination. I’ve pulled two all nighters in a row so far, and now I have two finals, a calculus exam, and a paper to write before break. With all that work, you must be wondering where is the time to relax and feel the spirit? Well let me tell you that one of the best things about Holy Cross is the community spirit. Not only do I feel Christmas near by but I also see it. With all the floors heavily decorated with Santa wallpaper on everyone’s doors and mistletoes hanging above the doors! My floor has also decided to exchange gifts! I am so excited to see what my secret Santa gives to me and I hope that they also like my gift to them!  Tonight is the Christmas lighting which i am excited for my first lighting at Holy Cross. Plus, did I mention there is a life size manger in front of Dinand! It is absolutely huge!

Besides Christmas, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and ate anything and everything I set my sights upon. When I had gotten back to campus it was my friends’ birthday. We had a cake celebration! They turned 19! This was the first time I have had Russian Tea Cake, which by the way is absolutely scrumptious(:  We also went to see TWILIGHT, BREAKING DAWN PART 2! I have never been an obsessed Twilight viewer, but I do love the saga. This one was absolutely the best out of the whole series. My friends and I had a great time, going to the movie in Worcester, Olive Garden, and Wooberry!

I also have some great news! Holy Cross has so many opportunities to grow and help out the community. So earlier this year I applied to go to Jamaica for an immersion trip in the summer, and guess what? I have been ACCEPTED!!!!! I am so excited and blessed to have this opportunity. As a freshman I have realized Holy Cross really does give you the chance to make a difference no matter how young you may be! I was screaming and jumping around like a mad woman when I first found out lol.

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  • November 13th, 2012

Hey everyone!

Sorry I have been a little absent over the past week or two. It has been so busy here on the Hill from academics to activities.  Since the last time I blogged there has been a two day snow day which HC rarely has, not to mention Halloween and Parents weekend.Although Halloween kind of took a back seat to my academics it was still a fun day! Especially when my good friend decides to come into Chemistry PAL dressed up as 2 Chainz (the rapper). It was absolutely hilarious!  There was  also the last home football game against Lehigh which we were so close to winning! It was thrilling to watch such a game!  As the football season ends basketball season begins. I cheered for my first Women’s Basketball game where we came out on top beating Yale convincingly. I can not wait to cheer more especially with the home opener for the men’s team approaching soon on Wednesday November 14.

Besides the athletics I have learned Holy Cross’ theater department is very strong as well. I went to see Machinal, a play performed by the students of Holy Cross. The play was fantastic, with great dialogue, acting, directing, and setting. The main character Helen was being denied by society to be herself. She was suffocating in the life she had by her mother, husband, and overall life. This play was one of expressionism  in which there is distortion to make a certain point. This was also the first feminist play! Overall I was moved by the acting and happy to watch something so great.

From athletics, acting, and now politics! I VOTED! I did not get the I VOTED sticker but I was still proud to be an American that day. I recently turned 18 in September so this was my first election to which I could legally participate. I registered in Massachusetts so I was able to take the shuttle to a voting station nearby and check of my candidate.I felt it was my duty to vote and I am glad I took part in history. All night FOX and CNN were showing everywhere and after the results were announced I had a great feeling. This election made me realize how much politics whether one likes it or not can influence your future and I have decided as a result that I want to change my path and do political science and law. I will not declare until next year but I am happy with my present decision! Hey freshman year is all about finding yourself and changing your mind and that is exactly what I plan to do! At least for now (:

Lastly I could not end this blog without talking about HC’s first SNOW!!!!! All my friends from California were so excited to see white flurries falling from the sky and that made me exceptionally happy!  I did not go sledding but I will eventually and let all you readers know how it goes on the hills of Holy Cross.



To say that my weekend was busy , would be a huge understatement. From Friday until Sunday I was out and about on the campus going from activity to activity. It all started Friday, when a group of friends decided to have a Girl’s Night. We painted our nails, watched a movie, and just had a good time laughing and chatting. We ended up going out to a great pizza place in Worcester which was absolutely delicious. If you have not had Pesto Pizza on extra Thin Crust you are missing out! I’m from NJ so I used to go to NYC a lot and this Pesto Pizza gives NYC pizza a run for their money. After a great dinner we all went back to the dorm and got ready for the Edge. The edge is a dance party thrown for the students by the school. From 10-30 to 2 am we were all dancing the night away! That weekend it was thrown by BSU also known as the Black Student Union. It was a 90s theme, so everyone was decked out in blue denim and baggy shirts with big hair! We danced the night away to “Ice Ice Baby!”

Sunday was a bonding day with my Montserrat class! My Professor invited all of the students in my class over to dinner at his house where he cooked us all pasta! As much as I love Holy Cross’ food t was great to have a home cooked meal. It felt like I was having a four course meal, because he had three different types of pie and three different choices in pastas. Ahhh I can smell the yumminess now!

Fall break was exactly what the doctor ordered! A great time to relax, sleep, and eat home cooked meals. Yet, as much as I enjoy being home with my family and seeing old school friends, I was even more excited to get back to HoCro! The moment you get to see your college friends and talk about how break was for everyone is a wonderful time! You realize the great relationships you have formed in such a short amount of time! I literally jumped into my roommates arms, because I missed her so much.

That was yesterday, but today was the first day of classes and for me I had all four! It was kind of like the first day of school without the nervous jitters and the feeling of being alone! I generally had a great day! I got back some of my exams that I had taken before break, some of them positive results and others not so much. On the bright side I feel refreshed and like I can tackle the second part of the semester , I am ready to do well and get back to work!

I also went to ACE today which stands for African Community Education an organization under SPUD where I volunteer. I was able to tutor young African immigrants who have come to the United States in their homework. The kids are so funny and full of life, they will have you laughing from start to finish. This was the breather I needed, take a step away from my life and help others in the community. I realize how education is a gift that I can’t take for granted, so every time I am struggling with Chemistry I just have to take a break and refocus! That was my day in a nutshell, feels good to be back on the HILL.

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