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Recap: Top Ten Moments of the Semester

December 29th, 2012 imasan16

As the year ends and 2013 approaches, I feel it is important to reflect on my first semester at Holy Cross. I could never have imagined I would have enjoyed and changed this much in only four months, but it seems I have. When I first was accepted to the college I did not know much about the school except that many people love it and that it was a prestigious Jesuit college. I look back now and think how blessed I was to end up at this school and how much this school has influenced me. As a volunteer for the admission outreach program hear at Holy Cross I have had a couple people shadow me for a day, and recently one of the seniors, has been accepted! I am so excited for her to attend next year and it just makes me think about my time as a senior and the questions I had during this time.

1. The academics are highly rigorous, but the college helps the student make an easy transition from high school to college. The work here is going to be hard and you are not going to do well right away, but it is a process and if you work hard you will succeed. The professors are there to help so going to office hours is important. At HC it is normal to see people in the library late at night or even on their way to meet with their professor to discuss mathematic problems.

2. All programs are academically strong and you do not declare until latest second semester sophomore year. At HC there are major requirements and common requirements. Faculty encourage everyone to explore different interests.

3. The students are fairly diverse. The administration is always trying to increase diversity at Holy Cross and their efforts are highly visible in the different ethnicities, socio-economic standings, and in where students are from statewide and internationally. I have friends from California, Virginia, and Florida. The campus is very accepting and you can be unique and still feel one with the community. There are also many clubs and organizations like Black Student Union, Young Republicans, Asian Students in Action, and ABiGale Allies.

4. There is always something to do on campus. Saturday nights are filled with events at all time, including the Edge dances or CAB events. In my opinion Worcester is not as scary a place as some say. In actuality it is in the top ten of places to raise your family and if one goes to Shrewsbury Street you will find so many restaurants.  I have never had any problems with Worcester or its people.

5. Holy Cross is a hidden gem. The alumni connection truly makes this school great. The opportunities are immense and if you attend you will not regret it. Overall it is the best investment!

Now for my favorite moments from my first semester of HOLY CROSS!

1.  My surprise 18th Birthday party!

2. Going to Odyssey and meeting all my friends

3. Cheering for the first time in front of my family

4. Twilight with the girls

5. The Edges

6. Being accepted to the Jamaica Immersion program

7. Bonding with the cheer team

8. Saturday nights

9. visiting Boston

10. study nights in the study room

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