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October 23rd, 2013 imasan16

It’s been fairly hectic  for me this semester! Between cheering, going to meetings, and doing  school work I have a lot to catch you all up on! Since the last time I blogged until now there has been Homecoming, which was so much fun because it’s great to see some of the old cheerleaders who graduated last year. FOX 25 also came to campus which was pretty cool to say the least. Now that brings me to fall break in which I slept, ate, and watched t.v. sounds pretty perfect right? Oh and did I mention it was a whole ten days! Fall break was fantastic. Holy Cross times the break perfectly, so that just when you are starting to miss home, you can return to see your family and friends! I came back on campus early to cheer for the game and even though we were defeated by Colgate, the Saders played well and we all witnessed a competitive and  close game.

So far in the semester there are so many opportunities for sophomores. I am currently thinking about applying for study abroad, may semester, and washington. I am also looking into officially declaring Political Science and Educational studies! Ahhh I have come along way since last year and hope to continue the experiences at HC!

Here are pictures from the games!

1374786_671583636192918_475070114_n  1235239_10201347778149125_240716627_n (2)

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