Inez Asante ’16

Coming home for summer break early May, the only thing I was certain of was that I could not wait to get home and relax. After ending the second semester of my sophomore year all I wanted to do was eat, sleep, and see family! Sooo… I did that! However, as much as I love doing nothing ALL DAY EVERY DAY, it got old quickly.

This summer I was fortunate enough to have two working opportunities. I worked part time as a Sales Associate for Lord and Taylor, while interning for Time Warner Cable Media in their Human Resources Department.  I went from doing nothing and getting my relaxation on, to working in the city full time  9 to 5 and honestly I would not have it any other way. I love my experience working with people in retail, I am able to develop my customer service skills, merchandising, and styling talents while learning a lot about fashion. However, I realize how lucky and blessed I was to receive the TWCM internship through Holy Cross. Every day I had a little taste of  working in the “real world.” Every week there was a speaker series in which we would listen to prominent people at TWCM talk about their experience, job, and the future of TWCM. I was able to work closely with my supervisor, within the department, and collaborate with the other interns to present a final project. This experience taught me so much about myself, the business industry, and the importance of networking and constantly learning.

Along the way I met some fantastic people, took away some important lessons, and gained tremendous experience.

I learned that it is okay to not know what you are doing for the rest of your life

1. Many of the leaders the interns interacted with took unique paths to get where they presently are today. There is no set path to get where you want to go, the important thing is to love what you do. We can never know where we will end up but be open to possibilities!

2. Navigating through NYC is actually easier than it seems. One of my personal goals was for this Jersey girl to take the Subway – I did that!

3. Human Resources is the center of any business. HR holds the business together and creates the environment for the workplace. The reason I enjoyed my time at work is because HR was very hands on and always had something going on for the employees! Without a great HR department , a business can not be successful. It is similar to the admissions and orientation teams at HC.

4. Personally I learned that I want to  work in the sports or fashion industry but on a business level, whether it is HR or even Marketing, maybe even corporate law- who knows?

What I do know is that this summer has been one focused on growth.  However, I did have some fun including going to the beach,  exploring the city, even visiting Philadelphia a couple times and taking some painting classes! I went from 0 to 100 real quick (Thanks Drake!) and I am ready to go back to HC to start my third year of school….. Crazy how time flies!

My advice for anyone, especially Freshmen is to make a visit to Career Planning. The earlier you get involved with that fantastic office- the more prepared you will be and the more opportunities you are aware of at HC and beyond!


Friday, April 25th I participated in Holy Cross’ Relay for Life. I have to say this event made my weekend! The event kicked off with a kimball dinner at five with all the participants. Then we headed down to the field house. The team I was on  was HC Cheer, my teammates and I dressed up in camouflage and wore purple bandanas to show our HC pride, and with our fabulous sign in hand we went on to enjoy the event. The relay was a great time with numerous activities, foods, and great company but more than anything it was a time to celebrate, remember, and fight on for loved ones who have been affected  by cancer. This was the best part honoring those who we love and support. This made the walking beyond worth while! In addition the whole event raised over 28,000 dollars. All in all it was a great night and a highlight of my sophomore year!!

On Saturday morning a number of Holy Cross students spent their day volunteering in the Worcester community, I happen to be one of them. Myself along with the rest of the cheerleading team went to South High School in Worcester. One of my teammates used to attend the Public High School so she showed us around and talked about her experience in high school. As an education minor, this was a great opportunity for me to explore other high schools than just my own in NJ. While we were at the school we worked in the attic and helped out a great cause. South HS is home to a great organization called Andy’s Attic, which provides used clothing for those in need not only in the high school and surrounding communities but for those all over Massachusetts. The organization devoted to the memory of a young man Andy who tragically passed away was a great way for volunteers, students, and others to help in anyway they can specifically through clothing donations. Once an order comes in the clothing is sent to the individual in need. The closet was filled with clothes for toddlers, babies, men and women.  I am so happy I had the opportunity to learn about the great things South HS is doing with Andy’s Attic and also participate in helping to reorganize the clothing! I hope to stop by and volunteer in the future because this truly is a great cause.  Sometimes we forget there is a life outside the gates of Holy Cross because of all the school work and duties we have going on in our life, or atleast i do! It is always great to step outside and get active in the community. I would definitely  say HC Cares Day was a success!!


Anyone who knows me, understands my love for sports and specifically basketball. Sunday was College Basketball game day, a little different from the usual Saturday. In a televised game Holy Cross took on Bucknell. In a game that would be competitive it lived up to all expectations and was even better. The number of people who came out to support the team was fantastic as the court benches were completely filled. From students, people in the community, and parents, everyone came to see a great game. I have to say the game was electrifying from the finesse plays to the dunks that absolutely brought down the house. Holy Cross defeated Bucknell and it was purely magical. I loved witnessing the enjoyment on both sides. Besides the basketball game not a lot has happened.  I enjoyed a great night with friends eating pizza and watching the superbowl, going out  and enjoying the sites in Worcester to top it off.

I have been very busy with school and applying for internships. I have been taking advantage of the career planning center in order to prepare for the internships. They have helped me greatly in forming cover letters and editing my resume! I have revised my resume about four times and I am still working on it! But hey practice makes perfect! My participation in extracurriculars has decreased in the spring semester but I am now focusing on my classes for the semester. In other news I have also finally declared my major. I am officially a Political Science major!!!!!!! It has been a long time coming but I am happy I decided to major in Political Science. The next step is declaring my minor, but we’ll wait till next time for that one!

New Year, New Me- The cliche everyone says once January rolls around. For me it is a new year but it won’t be a new me it will be a better me! This next semester is not about becoming a new person but becoming a better version of myself and building upon the foundation from last semester. I have just received my first email from one of my new professors and ordered my books for spring. It is weird to think that a week from now I will be back in class learning about Art of Africa and America, International Relations, Education Reform and French! This break was exactly what I needed and returning I could not feel any more rejuvenated and motivated. My classes are very different from one another as you can see but I am excited to explore different subject areas. My educational goal is to attend office hours as much as I can for each class and tackle papers as soon as it is given instead of waiting last minute.  School must continue to be the number one priority!

From inside the classroom to outside the classroom I really want to take advantage of MORE opportunities. Some of my best memories are because I did things I never thought I would, hopefully I can continue that this semester! I would like to take advantage of some of the retreats Holy Cross has to offer whether it is Manresa or the Spiritual exercises and go to mass more often on Sundays. Loyola Gym will be my new fave place . Yes yada yada yada, everyone says they will go to the gym but I want to continue the regimen I had at home at school. Oh and I will definitely schedule a  hot stone massage with Health services.  I also think it is important for me to start looking at the job opportunities on campus and in the community because there are so many! I have found a balance and am comfortable enough now to work while in school!

Now I have been to the TD Garden for HC and I have been to Gillette Stadium for a Pats game! However, I think it’s time to take my talents to a Bruins and Celtics game this semester!!!!!  There’s a lot on my to do list but honestly I have four months to do these things and I will get them done(:

2013 has had a lot of great moments but instead of writing out my top moments I thought I would share some great pictures with you all!

IMG_1723IMG_1721IMG_1726IMG_1767IMG_1764IMG_1674 IMG_1591 IMG_1432 IMG_1051 IMG_1067 IMG_1063 

From seeing Beyonce in concert, going to Jamaica, being with my family and friends and everything in between this year has been one to remember!


November so far has been a series of fortunate events! I went on the second Escape retreat and had a chance to connect with a group of first year students once again. It was great going to Toah Nipi for a second time around eating great food and spending time with great company.  The group was much smaller in comparison to the last time, but weirdly enough I loved it! I like how open and comfortable the students in my group were around myself and each other! I really had a great time getting to know them and hope to build on the friendships made. Toah Nipi is always a place of firsts for me, that is where I went canoeing for the first time, it is the first place I have been to in New Hampshire, and it was where I first ran into a freezing lake. Yes, a group of the leaders including myself were crazy and decided to run into the freezing cold lake! That is a first and last. It definitely made everything more memorable! I came back not only refreshed but more appreciative of where I am in my life right now!

The next day the cheerleaders took a van to Boston and drove to TD Garden to support our men’s basketball team against Harvard. I cheered in high school and it is a dream of any cheerleader to have a chance to cheer at a place like TD Garden where the Boston Celtics play! The crowd was great in a losing effort to Harvard and I honestly had a really great experience as I got my five minutes of fame!

Wednesday was another big day. I had the opportunity to meet and listen to Governor Jon Huntsman as he discussed international relations with China and how the future of the country is now in the hands of my generation. Listening to such a great political mind was an honor. I attended a 30 person seminar in which he shook all of our hands and opened the discussion to questions.  Next I attended a reception and dinner with fine  members of the Howland and Hanify family, faculty members, the honoree and his lovely wife Mary Kaye Huntsman. Interacting with different people  was a great opportunity  and the dinner was superb!!!!!!!!

Overall this week was pretty spectacular to say the least!!!






I have officially been in school for about 3 months now and it is finally November. The semester is more than half way over and it is important for me to take the time to really step back and let you all know what has happened on campus so far. My family came up for family weekend and I had a great time with them. We went to the cheer tailgate and spent time with everyone and their families which was fantastic. Cheering in front of my family is always a pleasure and I am really happy they got to see me cheer again. Even though we lost the game the memories with my family are something I will cherish.

Aside from family weekend, a couple days ago was Halloween. A few of my friends and I got ready together and went out to have a great time at a local club. I was an eskimo, while my other friends were Freddy Kreuger, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, and a ref! It was a fun Halloween for everyone! I also tried something completely different. I was a sports broadcaster for the men’s soccer game versus Army. At first it was kind of rough and I was extremely nervous about the whole ordeal. However, the second half was a huge turn around as I shook off the nerves and was able to do a solid play by play of the soccer match. P.S. Holy Cross did win and clinch a spot in the playoffs as a result.

That’s all for now but I will keep you all updated!

It’s been fairly hectic  for me this semester! Between cheering, going to meetings, and doing  school work I have a lot to catch you all up on! Since the last time I blogged until now there has been Homecoming, which was so much fun because it’s great to see some of the old cheerleaders who graduated last year. FOX 25 also came to campus which was pretty cool to say the least. Now that brings me to fall break in which I slept, ate, and watched t.v. sounds pretty perfect right? Oh and did I mention it was a whole ten days! Fall break was fantastic. Holy Cross times the break perfectly, so that just when you are starting to miss home, you can return to see your family and friends! I came back on campus early to cheer for the game and even though we were defeated by Colgate, the Saders played well and we all witnessed a competitive and  close game.

So far in the semester there are so many opportunities for sophomores. I am currently thinking about applying for study abroad, may semester, and washington. I am also looking into officially declaring Political Science and Educational studies! Ahhh I have come along way since last year and hope to continue the experiences at HC!

Here are pictures from the games!

1374786_671583636192918_475070114_n  1235239_10201347778149125_240716627_n (2)

Lana Del Ray sings about the summertime blues, but  en route to campus mid August I was ready for the school year to begin! I’m back for my sophomore year and things have already started to move quickly. However,  I don’t expect anything less from HC. Just to recap, I basically spent my summer relaxing and reconnecting with family and friends. I had an internship recording street style for a media site, worked as a nanny for two weeks, and went to Jamaica for an Immersion trip with other Holy Cross students. The latter of the three really left an impact in my life. While in Jamaica for ten days I visited Bustamante Hospital which is the only children’s hospital in all of Jamaica, a retirement home, and  an elementary school. These ten days were some of my best days all summer and I will remember this as one of my favorite HC experiences.  The people were welcoming, warm and have a spot in my heart as a result while the connections I made with the other HC students in my group is a bond that will never be broken. This experience truly touched me and would encourage anyone to  take a chance and apply. It seems cliche but this was truly life changing!

Now back to the beginning of the school year! I came to campus early to participate in Orientation Leader training and I had a blast. It was great to meet the incoming freshman and even better meet a whole group of new people in my fellow orientation leaders. I realized how much the little things in life really do matter when executing an activity. I respect the preparation so much more because I am an OL. I also led the Escape Retreat which was perfect because of the interaction I continued to have with the first years on how to handle the obstacles they may face. It was also a great time to reflect and meet even more people at HC! Toah Nipi is definitely one of the prettiest places in New Hampshire! I also went canoeing for the very first time which was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Aside from all the activities it has been great to reconnect with people and see what they did for the summertime! I missed all my friends and am glad to see some old faces but also meet new faces.

I am excited to see what else this year has for me! Saturday is the first Saturday night home game for football in a long time so that should be a great night as well! I’ll keep you all updated!